The Foundation Guys Inc. Q&A

Are Bowing Walls Dangerous?

Bowing walls are an indication of foundation problems. If left unrepaired it can lead to serious issues that will be costly such as the wall crumbles and or collapses. Book an appointment as soon as visible concerns start to form.

How do I stop my gutters from clogging?

A gutter guard will help eliminate the clogging. Gutter Shutter systems provide an amazing solution to keep debris and excess water out of your gutters.

How does water get into the basement??

Moisture can creep through the cracks in the walls, floors, gaps or cracks near windows and doors.

How Long do I wait Before I get my Foundation repair?

If you're starting to see signs of your foundation breakdown such as branching cracks, bowing walls, floor and ceiling cracks, and sloping floors to name a few. Once these signs appear, it is recommended that you seek out a professional to asses the condition. The Longer you wait, the more expensive the repair can potentially become.

The Benefits of a Triple Safe Pump

Triple safe sump pumps are amazing to have in case of a power outage during a storm Or if someone accidently trips over the cord - unplugging it and also heavy rain falls that can exhaust your current pumps. The Triple safe is an added security. The power of the second pump is stronger than the primary one. It starts when the primary sump pump fails. The third pump is battery-operated which is amazing during power outages.

The Importance of Window Wells!

Having a window covering for your basement windows well system will keep your basement free from dirt,debris, and any remnants from the weather from outside while letting natural light come in to keep its natural ambience. SunHouse* window wells are our go to product when installing window wells for homes. 4 key features of Sunhouse* window wells are


  1. They are made with High performing strength plastic that will never rust,rot,corrode,or require painting.
  2. The base is solid that keeps the well free from debris and prevents weeds from growing on the window well floor.
  3. The colour was intentionally made in a light colour and with a curved silhouette to direct sunlight into your basement.
  4. SunHouse* window wells can be paired with an extra reinforced clear plastic cover that will keep outdoor debris, pests, water and more.


What Are The Different Types of Foundation?

There are currently 3 main types of foundations. They include; Basement, Crawlspace, Slab on grade. Each type requires different repair approach.

What Causes Common Foundation Issues?

Most of the problems related to foundation is because of soil. The Soil beneath the home can be improperly compacted, the soil is weak and or expansive. Also poor waterproofing can speed up the foundation deterioration process. 

Why does my crawl space smell bad?

If you have started to notice your crawlspace starting to smell, it could be a sign of water concerns. A moldy, musty, or mildew smell is a good sign that there is water or moisture in your crawlspace. 

An animal may have also made its way into your crawl space.

Encapsulating your crawl space will ensure that water issues will stay at bay and no critter will creep in.

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