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FlexiSpan provides a built-in secondary repair strategy in case the seal fails. First, a small drywell is developed into the floor under the crack. If it can be connected into the perimeter drainage system or a stone bed under the floor, that’s the best way to go. If it can’t be though, no problem, a drywell is made about 5 to 10 gallons in size. Then, the crack is sealed with a urethane based sealant. After that, a polyurethane ether foam strip is applied over the first seal. This foam strip is set up so water from within and behind it can drain into the drywell. After this step, it is overlaid with polyurethane sealant and tooled off to look like a gray drywall compound joint. Lastly, the opening in the floor is re-concreted.


So the wall crack is now sealed and if any water ever gets past the seal, it drains down into the drywell.  This gives you exactly what you are looking for: a dry wall and dry floor, forever. Flexispan is flexible, and no amount of wall movement will make it leak again.


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