WellDuct and SunHouse, the Golden Duo

 Sunhouse basement windows are a great way to make your window wells more effective and attractive. Classic window wells are not very attractive. They’re made out of metal and quickly become rusty due to typical weather tear. They usually don’t have covers either, allowing for water, debris, and leaves to fall in and cover your windows. This usually blocks even more sunlight from the already sun deprived window, leaving you basement just a little bit drearier.

Meanwhile, the SunHouse window well features a sturdy, clear cover that fits well and helps keep all those problematic things like leaves, and rain out of there. The Sunhouse window also has a bottom that prevents weed growth and water from leaking underneath. Because this bottom will remain looking pristine and is a lighter colour, it will allow more light to bounce off into the basement. This creates a warmer, more cheerful environment for your basement, while the outside of your home looks appealing to potential buyers and your neighborhood watch

A WellDuct is also a good way to keep your windows dry. Your basement windows aren’t like one on a submarine, even with upgraded gutters and downspout there is still a chance they can leak. The best thing to prevent that leak into your basement is by installing a drain from the window well to the perimeter drainage system around your basement that leads to the sump pump.

 So, in case water rises in the window well, a simple system that is a vertical extension of the WaterGuard system drains water from the well before the window leaks. A drain hole is drilled through your basement wall just under the windowsill. If the wall is a block wall, the hole is lined with a section of pipe, and then a grate is installed over the hole. A SunHouse window is a great way to keep that grate covered so no leaves plug it or, if you prefer, just put clean stone outside.

For more information on how to keep your windows protected from Leakage, give us a call.

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