Basement Wall Options

Many people when they are waterproofing their basement may neglect the walls unless the water is coming directly from there. But even if it doesn’t look like it at the moment, your basement walls allow water vapor to pass through them. Block walls have a hollow core, allowing damp and cold outside air to come through as well, and stone walls, allow air water and water vapor to pass through them. 

Those who do notice this problem often opt for wall coatings, but they are also not a good option because the water and water vapor are already through the wall by the time they get to the coatings and push the coating off the wall. So, inevitably when the coating begins to peel and flake it will look even uglier than it did before the wall coating. 

So, better options – luckily there are 5 of them and all tailored to handle different wants and needs. 

If you want that finished look, but don’t plan on fully finishing your basement then ZenWall paneling is your best option. It’s a ¼ inch thick encapsulated fiberglass core with a reflective foil vapor barrier on the back side and a decorative vinyl finish on the front side. It is used with a perimeter basement waterproofing system to waterproof a basement wall and stop vapor from coming through the wall into the basement air.    

The ZenWall finishing also looks amazing for the fraction of the price of doing a full basement project.    

If your basement is remaining unfinished then BrightWall paneling is your best bet. It’s semi-rigid white plastic panels installed on your basement walls with drilled-in white fasteners. It can never come off your walls. BrightWall drains any water leaks down behind it to the (WaterGuard) perimeter system without you ever knowing it. It also has an added benefit of making your basement brighter.

CleanSpace Wall system is a great solution for stone wall basements. Because they are not flat like concrete, ZenWall and BrightWall paneling won’t work. It provides a water vapor barrier, drains water behind it and dramatically brightens the basement. 

Foamax is another option; made out of polyisocyanurate foam it provides a superior insulation that makes your basement far more comfortable for the winter. 

The final option if you want to finish your basement completely is Basement to Beautiful panels which make your basement comfortable as well as, well, beautiful. 

For more information on these options to keep your basement attractive as well as functional and a money saver, give the Foundation Guys a call. 

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